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"Thank you so much for make our day wonderful in jaipur you r such a great person we r so luckey to meet you in jaipur we hope that you will go far in future and hope to see you soon."
*Laura Poul Spain
"Merci pour le temps que tu nous as consacrés à Jaipur! La maison des éléphants c’est trop de la balle!!! A bientot!"
*James, France

"I highly recommand you Shakeer because he is the best guide and the best guy you can meet in all Jaipur!!!! And a very important thing: he drives safely (that’s not the case of all drivers in India; trust me!!!).


Shakeer will take care of you as if you were his own eyes. Don’t hesitate to contact him. Through the days you will share with him, you will learn more about the city, Indian culture and language. Take the time also to talk with him in French, he will enjoy!!!

So, go and see him!!!!"

*Meriem, Australia


"Thank you Shakeer for being not only a brilliant driver while I was there in Jaipur last year for 3 months , but also being a great friend and taking us all to the cool places and being fun , teaching us Indian and enjoying your work , it makes a big difference someone enjoying there job and putting all the effort in to making other people enjoy them selves , you are a true Indian Treasure , be sure we will be coming back as a familly network next time and will enjoy your tours ….Best of luck and keep smiling …"

*Helen, USA


"Shakeer! What a legend! Thankyou for an awesome day out in jaipur! Taking us to all the hot spots and making us giggle:)

This man could find you anything you want, half price and giftwrapped…Show you the local places and people and make you smile all through the day…Dont hesitate to contact him! Trust us…he’ll save you from many crazy rickshaw drives that patrol Jaipur!"

*Liz and Kit, London


"Hello Shakeera Shakeera, Thank you for taking care of us and making sure that we had the best time that we could have ever had in Jaipur.

Shakeer is the best tour guide that we have had for all the time that we have been in India. He is honest, trustworthy, happy, ALWAYS smiling and a very special person. We will miss you very much! He has taken us to places in Jaipur that we would have never found on our own and made sure that we were happy every minute that we spent in and out of Simone. Thank you so much."

*Scarlett and Olivia, Australia

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